Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blue and Green Glitter and Rhinestones

This was my birthday mani - a combination of all my favourite things, my favourite polish ever, my favourite glitter polish ever, rhinestones and glitter (which I'd never tried before).

The shapes were created using tape and curvy craft scissors - it was really difficult - they just weren't sharp enough to cut the tape which meant this took hours and lots of wasted tape. Click on for some more pictures and well, whining.



Base: Barry M Cyan Blue
Glitter: W7 Cosmic Green

The thumbs probably had the best result from the tape - the others just weren't that crisp. And there wasn't that much of a contrast to begin with.

Its is so annoying that I couldn't get the colours of the glitters to show. In the glitters I had recently received there was a light green, blue and silver that were an almost perfect match to my favourite glitter which I used on the rest of the mani. They were part of the set from the Born Pretty Store, which is amazing and has made me spend too much money! (Yes, made!)
Both the rhinestones and the glitter were added with a cocktail stick.



Not my best but it's sparkly and uses my favourite colours. I need to try some more tape manicures! (And buy sharper craft scissors.)

Thanks for the peek!
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