Friday, 31 August 2012

Zeus's Clouds

Again - another combo I saw before but didn't love on my nails somehow - love it in pictures but I think its too subtle in real life.

In other news - my nail broke! Waaaaaa! I was going to EIJ soon after this so I cut them all to a shorter length but couldn't quite make myself cut them all to nubbins. I nearly cried as it was! I was glad I was going to have to take a break anyway - almost back to one single length now!

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sorry and Pararlymic Nail Art Celebrations!

Well I had planned to be off for a week and a half  due to going to be staff a Essex International Jamboree - where I spent a week on the 40+  archery team - giving 1812 scouts and guides a taste of archery. We shot over 30,000 arrows - an only lost one! I made many new friends and had an all round good time - even if it is full time work as my 'holiday'! So my home for the past week has been this:

I didn't mean to be gone so long but I am very pleased to say that my laptop is now fixed! (hopefully) Seen as the repair man laughed when he saw it was an acer - I think that means it was a bad choice ^^ But I am back and raring to go!

And so, what better way for me to get involved in the paralympics than for me to try something different with very rare freehand nail art during the opening ceremony! (It looks good from afar! hehe)


Gold: Barry M Instant Effects Foil Gold
Union Jack: Acrylic Paints 

So sorry for being a bad blogger and thank you for the look in!
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Best of British Round Up 3

British Nail Bloggers
The weather in the UK may have improved a little but not enough for Vic to justify running off to Cornwall to catch the surf. Instead she's made do with her Surfin' USA mani.

It's been KBShimmer Week this week at The Crumpet 5 polishes, but which was her favourite ?
Laura has been trying out stamping for the first time this week and was particularly fond of her classyblack and silver floral design.

PrettyKittyClaws has been making the most of the sunshine by copying The Crumpet with a Red Holo Dotticure. feautring Ozotics 518

Helly at the Nail Newbie got her holo on with a purple holo gradient featuring OPI DS Original!

Charlotte at Charlottes-nails has been catching up with the lazy days of summer challenge with a ruffle accent nail.

Alexis at Glitter Tips managed to overcome a nasty case of nail art block with a Black and Gold NOTD inspired by her jewellery collection.

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing managed to get hold of some OPI Black Spotted and gave it a go over some bright NEONS.

Seeing as the British weather has been seasonably rainy, there has been a lack of barbaques this year. Unless it is in the form of nail art from Enigmatic Rambles.

Lou entered the Golden Jungle over at Painted Nails & Baking Scales finding some new polish species to describe

This week at Northern Nails there are Turtles in a Guest Post , Also Jo has started a new series of posts called Mashups!

Emma's been busy swatching the newBarry M Burgundy Croc Effects over different colours on Imagination In Colour!

It's texture time in the BFF Challenge and Kerrie from PishPosh and Polish made great use of Heart-Shaped beads but was it a success?

Ruth had some fun with pastel colours and created some colourful zebra nails using her new stampers!

Steph is showing off. Peacock feathers in the (rare) sunshine.
It's been a special week for Allie and in celebration she's been wearing some Sea Green Glitter Birthday Nails
Dimpal is absolutely loving these fish egg nails Fish Egg Nails she also did Nicole's Me+Blue Mani

Sarah Louise reviews LeaLaC's Stamping Plate XL - A See the post for swatches and a manicure using her first Bettina Nail Polish.

Sam at Polished Art kicked off the 31 Day Challenge with a red leopard print mani.

Kerry starts the first off Nail Inc Sprinkle swatches with Sweets Way. Pin It

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Best Of British Round Up 2!

It's been a week of Themes over at The Crumpet - the new collection from 365 Days of Color and Red Week - which was your fave? Naturally Debbie wants to show everyone her Monkey See, Monkey Do mani: Britishness.

Vic got a little carried away with one of her Summer Challenge manis this week.Bumble beessuddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Perhaps you've already guessed...

Lou played with some of her polishes from a recent US Polish Swap and had a lot of fun!

Helly wears her heart on her nails with her Love Love mani featuring OPI Steady As She Rose

Has Misha mastered the freehand acrylic paint flower on Enigmatic Rambles?

Abi celebrated her A-England haul with one of her favourite stamps at Volatile Varnish.
PrettyKittyClaws is feeling summery with a Summer Sunset Gradient and has been making room for more with a blog sale!

Emma put up her first giveaway of GOSH Golden Dragonafter arriving back from a relaxing holiday!

Sarah played with some of her recent Tony Moly Glitter polishes and created a Strawberry Love Affair Manicure . Also check out her swatches for Tony Moly's GS10 - Pinky Star, GS08 - Milky Way & GS09 - Shooting Star

Jo has been real busy in the real World this week and has a rather empty blogBusy Busybut if you check back later today you may find a suprise post! ;) .

Steph showed us a few of her "favourite things" Also check out her attempt at some nail art =)

Kerrie over at PishPosh and Polish attempted Tribal Nailsas part of her Black and White Challenge this week and is happy with the result.

Charlotte from The Colour and The Sparkle has a review of some W7 fluorescent polishes.

Charlotte at Charlottes-nails has been swatching China glaze deviantly daringfrom her recent polish
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A England's Galahad and Tristam Stamping

A simple stamp that I did after a huge haul of A England after their Mythical's £5 sale.

(First with flash to show holo)

Click on for more pictures --->

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lebister Award & Versatile Blogger Award!

**EDITED 14/08/2012**
I've had quite a bit of discussion with both family and bloggers about these awards - and how they're getting like chain mail and not sincere at all - but I'm just taking it as a way to get to know people and it is still a good network, as it was set out to be. So in an effort to be 'keeping it real' as my friend so likes to say, I'll be adding nominees as I find good, consistent blogs that fit the criteria. As it is the holidays and I'm away again very soon, this will be even slower than I anticipated. I hope you understand.

Lebister Award

I was nominated for the Lebister award by Secretary's Nail Art (and later Lacquer Or Leave Her!) This was on my facebook a while a go but I received it while on Kendal Calling and by the time I got back in the whirlwind of work and packing - I have to say I forgot. But finally:

The rules are as following:
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6. There's no tag backs.

11. Things about me:
1. I live in England, my home town is Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
2. I study biomedical sciences at Newcastle, in the North East of England.
3. My sport is Archery, has been for a couple of years - and I do coaching every summer.
4. I am a member of  Girl Guiding UK.
5. Hawiaan is my favourite pizza (and burger, and toastie).
 6. I have a make up trolley to contain all my polishes and kit as I move to and fro so often. I am very jealous of those who have rooms for it - even just a corner!
7. I'm more of a club rather than a pub person - I love dancing, don't even need a drink in me for me to start!
8. My favourite puddings are apple crumble, chocolate fudge cake and lemon mirange 
9. I hope to own an owl one day  - as soon as I am in a stable myself!
10. I am obsessive with my hair - I have long, seriously thick hair, and if I had all the time in the world It would be curled every single day.
11. I have so many rhinestones and pearls and yet I rarely use them.

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AIS Challenge: Double Stamping with a Flowery Touch

I have to say using more than stamp is one of my bad points. I prefer to do one simple stamp. I basically have no imagination!!!

Continue on for details
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Best Of British Round Up 1!

British Nail Bloggers

Its the first of our Best of British round ups! I got too distracted by the Olympics (currently on a GO TOM DALEY! kick) to put my entry in, but I'm looking forward to reading these!

It's been a busy week over at The Crumpet, with tutorials, Time Capsules and the start of a great new series, A to Z of Polish, beginning with A is for England.

Lucie has been busy doing nail art again! Check out her Aquadelic summer nail art dotticure over at Lucy's Stash.

Charlotte at The Colour and The Sparkle shared her first themed manicure: GB Colours.
Lou continued her obsession with all things magnetic on Painted Nails and Baking Scales with Barry M Super Nova.

The Nail Newbie is ready (for her kids) to go back to school with an apple for the teacher.

Enigmatic Rambles took on another nail art challenge this week and dabbled with textured deck chair nails too!

PrettyKittyClaws has been to the Olympics with a British Braid Mani.

Kerrie has been having fun over at PishPosh and Polish creating a Jelly Sandwich manicure with the new HITS MTV polish, Pink Pop.

Jo over at Northern Nails is Rocking a new mani and Rocking the town with photographic evidence! Rock on dude!

Charlotte's been celebrating her 20th birthday in style this week over at Charlottes-Nails with pretty pink fingers for her birthday nails.

Vic at is still trying to master one stroke painting and her Summer in the Hamptons mani shows that she is at least improving.

Rachel-Karina over at Polished Criminails is bringing a much needed pop of colour to brighten up the British summer with these edible shades from the Beauty UK Candy Collection.
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Friday, 10 August 2012

Illamasqua's Jo'mina - Lilac and Silver Stamping Studded

A quick one  - and an old one. I just found it in my files and while now I can see how bad the lighting and the clean up is, I still like the idea. I might  redo this someday! It was also my first use of studs and I found them really difficult to use - as shown by the marks on the accent nail. I shall have to try some different application techniques (I was using tweezers)! Any ideas anyone?

 Base - Illamasqua Jo'mina
 Stamping polish - Barry M Instant Effects Foil Silver

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kendal Calling Lightning Strikes Stamping

It has been quite on the blog front for the the past week and a bit and I am very sorry for that. I was away for close to a week to go to a festival  - Kendal Calling! If I went again I'd go see more music! I had some laughs, embarrassed myself and made some new friends. My laptop might have to go away soon as it now really hates talking to the wifi box - hoping I can time that with when I go away for a guiding Jamboree!

So onto the nails... This was the design I went camping with - hoping to be able to easily adapt them with a glitter frenchie. I loved the design itself and this is definitely one of my favourites from BM 2012 collection! 

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