My Routine

During term time I normally do my nails twice a week though in summer there has been a week where I've done them 5 times! In one week!

I have to say I'm surprised they're in any way good as I normally do my most experimental work during a hangover to distract myself from the pain (I blame student culture). Messy nail art + strawberry milkshake + film = best hangover cure ever.

An overview of my routine for my nails:
  1. Set up everything that you need, go to the toilet and make sure you've eaten. Its horrible to ruin a mani if you've had to pick something up or your hands are shaking!
  2. I prepare my nails with a glass nail file, a 4 way file block  and OPI Nail envy.
  3. Base polish - my main brands are Barry M, W7, Models Own and Cult Nails.
  4. Design - for stamping the polishes I use are:
    • Konad Special White
    • Konad Special Black
    • Barry M Nail Effects Foil Silver
    • Barry M Nail Effects Foil Gold
    • Barry M Nail Effects Foil Lilac
    • Barry M Raspberry
  5. Top Coat - I use a thick layer of Poshe.
  6. Moisturizing cuticles is very important - especially if you use the amount of acetone that I do! I currently use Soap & Glory Body Moisturizer.
Any questions?
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