Sunday, 22 July 2012

Favorite Stamp with a Half Moon

So this my entry for Adventures in Stamping challenge - your favourite new stamp. I had been lacking inspiration for a while so I went through my collection trying to find interesting polishes and I found these two! I haven't done a half moon since my very first try at nail art so I've been wanting to try it again for a while and I thought it was the perfect way to incorporate the two polishes.

Click on for more details and pictures.

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

W7 Pewter Swatch with IKEA/Rainbow Dotticure

So this was a random idea coming from some of the great dotticure's that have been around recently.

This mani really reminded me of IKEA for some reason - the bright colours against a grey background maybe. So I always refer to it as my IKEA manicure in my head!

A swatch of the base colour, W7's Pewter. I like the colour but as you may see there's a few lumps and bumps due to a wonky brush and so application is horrible with this bottle! I rarely use it but I thought it was perfect for this mani!

Click on for more pictures and polish details.
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Monday, 16 July 2012

Duochrome Stamping with Rhinestones

This was just a simple stamp  but I absolutely love these colours together! The rhinestones added a little sparkle :D

Base: W7 Envy
Stamping: Barry M Nail Effects Foil Silver
Stamp: Cheeky plate C

Thanks for looking!
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MSMD - Barry M Cyan Blue Tape Explosion

This Monkey See Monkey Do Monday Manicure has been created using a tutorial from the tape queen Nailside. I have to say this took me a long few hours and movies to get right. And I only did 4 nails outta 10! I struggled the most with understanding the placement of the tape and how that would effect the design as I found it really hard to imagine in my mind!


Base Polish: Barry M Cyan Blue
Black: Barry M Black
Silver: Barry M Nail Effects Foil Silver


I'll definitely be trying this again - maybe mix it up with the colours,all though this is my favourite polish ever fyi!

Thanks for the look!
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cult Nails with Yet more Owls for Sunday Challenge!

Yes, this post is extremely late. Just a couple of days work and having to do a few organising jobs and paper work has sent me completely out of whack! And sunshine would be a great plus as well - it's been missing the past few days! I'll be playing catch up now and setting up a few drafts so this shouldn't happen again!


This was a Adventures in Stamping Challenge - 'Something that I love'. Of course - I'd just received my Bundle Monster 2012 plates and I love owls! This was the plate I was most looking forward to out of the collection.

Click on for more pics, details and personal pictures.
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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Freehand Black and Gold Owl - with a little special inspiration!

For my birthday my university friends sent me a small card which was delivered by - guess what - an owl! I'm a little obsessed with owls - from calendars to days out (my 18th birthday present), to toys to posters every where. So I had to have a mani inspired by this!


 Click on for more pictures and details.
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Matte Peach and Gold Dots and Golden Glitter Stamping

Another Adventure in Stamping challenge and this was actually done a couple of weeks ago but seemed to fit. This mani was completed over 2 days when I wanted to add more and more of the huge order I had just received, including my first matte top coat!

So to start with it was stamped dots (I loved this pairing):

Base: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Snappy Sorbet
Stamping: Barry M Nail Foil Effects Gold
 Stamping Plate: m79

Click on for pictures of the final results.

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