Monday, 16 July 2012

MSMD - Barry M Cyan Blue Tape Explosion

This Monkey See Monkey Do Monday Manicure has been created using a tutorial from the tape queen Nailside. I have to say this took me a long few hours and movies to get right. And I only did 4 nails outta 10! I struggled the most with understanding the placement of the tape and how that would effect the design as I found it really hard to imagine in my mind!


Base Polish: Barry M Cyan Blue
Black: Barry M Black
Silver: Barry M Nail Effects Foil Silver


I'll definitely be trying this again - maybe mix it up with the colours,all though this is my favourite polish ever fyi!

Thanks for the look!
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  1. Your hard work paid off. This is great. I am loving the blue as well.

    1. ty! It's the only polish that I've ever had to replace! I think it was one of the first polishes I bought for myself though!