Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kendal Calling Lightning Strikes Stamping

It has been quite on the blog front for the the past week and a bit and I am very sorry for that. I was away for close to a week to go to a festival  - Kendal Calling! If I went again I'd go see more music! I had some laughs, embarrassed myself and made some new friends. My laptop might have to go away soon as it now really hates talking to the wifi box - hoping I can time that with when I go away for a guiding Jamboree!

So onto the nails... This was the design I went camping with - hoping to be able to easily adapt them with a glitter frenchie. I loved the design itself and this is definitely one of my favourites from BM 2012 collection! 

Black: Cult Nails Nevermore
Silver: Barry M Instant Effect Foils Silver

I did think they fitted the Adventures in Stamping challenge of metallics quite well though!

These are french tips I had to put on near the end of the camp to cover the tip wear  - a bit meh with these...


I've also lost photoshop - so another problem is how to put water marks on my images. What do you use?

Sorry for the wait and the poorness of this post and thanks for the peek!
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