Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Glitter: Day 17 of the 31 Day Challenge

Its finally time for Mirror Ball! Very picture heavy post coming up. I took nearly 200 photos! Which is one of the reasons this is so late in the day (2am the next morning!). The other being I am packing up to go back to university so of course I got distracted and had to do a slight clear out of my entire room so there is still a whole bed full of stuff to sort before I can go to bed. Le sigh. Any way. To what you really want to see - the collection....

I wanted to try them all and I had natural light to fight, so I did them all! One  hand with matching colours and my personal favourite - on black. Each hand was then top coated with a matte top coat. I also used a pva base coat for the first time and man I am in love!

More pictures and specific details after the cut.



Thumb: Barry M Gold + Models Own Disco Inferno
Index: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Presto Pink + Models Own Hot Stuff
Middle: Barry M Emerald Green + Models Own Dancing Queen
Ring: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Lively Lilac + Models Own Boogie Nights
Little: Sally Hansen Insta Dry + Models Own Freak Out

Base: Cult Nails Nevermore
Thumb: Models Own Disco Inferno
Index: Models Own Hot Stuff
Middle: Models Own Dancing Queen
Ring: Models Own Boogie Nights
Little: Models Own Freak Out



I am definitely in love with  this black mattified combo. I will be doing this in time and time again in  different combinations. I can see it now. o.O And I am excited! With the ease of the PVA and just a couple of coats of these beauties to give an exceptional mani I am very pleased to have these!

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  1. The more I see of these polishes the more I want them!