Monday, 3 September 2012

Orange Nails: Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge

*UPDATE: Cheeky Plates arrival at bottom*

Already a day late ;) I waited until the next morning to take some more photos, hoping that with natural light I would be able to get some true colour pictures of this gradient. No such luck. Changing all the settings on my camera could still not show the neon-like quality to these polishes!

I only used Snappy Sorbet as a base as I thought NYX's orange glitter would be very sheer and wouldn't work very well - I was astounded by how well it sponged on! Still glad I did the gradient as I think it did add something to it.


Base: Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet
Glitter: NYX Orange Glitter

With different settings:


 I even tried a video, still doesn't really show it:

***Cheeky plate arrival! I had to try out some stamping with a holiday theme due to the carnival brightness of these nails! Not immediately impressed with the results - but maybe I need to try them out some more - try some different techniques/polishes. More stamping to come with these - I'm loving the designs!

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